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Welcome to my new Cambridge (UK) pub guide. This is a pretty straight-off replacement for my Old Guide which was current around 1998.

Basically it's a guide to pubs in Cambridge and surroundings, with one or two others thrown in for good measure. I accept any reviews from other people, to try to correct any bias in my opinions - as oddly enough, I'm somewhat biased in what I like in a pub! I'm also approaching it from a non-alcohol side, because I don't presently drink. What? I hear you say, how odd for someone writing a pub guide. But my belief is that there is more to the great pub than just drinking, there's atmosphere, location, presentation, food, sociability... Anyway, I'll leave beer opinions to the rest of you, I'll be covering the rest of the package.

What's new on the site

There are currently reviews for 0 pubs/bars in Cambridge on the site. This will increase soon! :-)


General info and motivation

Cambridge. Nice place, and lots of good pubs. The general idea of this guide is to be a bit different from the average pub guide and to get a treasury of people's comments about Cambridge pubs, so in theory it becomes somewhat objective and less biased to one particular interest. So mail me your comments and they'll go on! Some explanations of area covered, my ideas etc. can be found here, if anybody is vaguely interested!

I'll add various extra lists when I get time (brewery, etc.). In the meantime, if you have any comments you'd like included about any Cambridge pub then go here and I'll include your reviews. Unedited, unless you get too libelous.

In the future I'll possibly extend this to restaurants and similar stuff - any other suggestions appreciated.

And finally, it still deserves mentioning the Cow And Calf, which lives on in spirit even though it left us in February 1999.

Using the Guide

Each pub in the guide has one or more reviews and ratings. There are also often opening times, guides to food served, and facilities. Every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the reviews but in a volatile industry, what is true today may well not be the case tomorrow. Reviews and ratings are a personal opinion, and should be taken 'as is'. Also, some of the reviews are based on just one or two visits, so may fail to catch the real characteristics of the pubs. All reviews are dated, which at least should give an indication of how old (and hence how potentially inaccurate) the reviews are, plus the review texts hopefully make it reasonably obvious if it's an after one visit review or an after 100 visits review. If you find something that's wrong then please let me know, and offer your own review at the same time. When I deem a review to be too old, I'll move it an 'old reviews' section, and no longer take it's rating into account for calculating the average rating for the pub.

All articles in Mike Miller's Cambridge Pub Guide are the copyright of Mike W. Miller and the original authors.

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